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LUCIA MARTIN CARTON, soprano, after her stunning summer tour under the direction of Jordi Savall with faboulous programs as Juditha Triumphans (Abra), Guerra i Pau, Tomas Luis da Victoria, La Conjuration de Venecia, in Arc et Senans, Abbaye de Fontfroide,  Styriarte Festival, Salzburg Festspiele,  Santander, Philharmonie de Paris, Barcelona and Verona. 


Lucia is Galathea in Haendel’s Acis and Galathea, at the Festival Castell Peralada under the baton of Fausto Nardi and Rafael R. Villalobos. 

After on Lucia will sing at Palacio Nacional de Queluz in Portugal, the soprano role of the rare Serenata Perseo by Joao de Sousa Carvalho with Divino Sospiro conducted by Vanni Moretto ; in Messiah by Haendel in Albacete, Zaragoza, Madrid ; and in Diluvio Universale of Falvetti conducted by Leonardo Garcia Alarçon.

She will finally perform at the Opera of Lille, to close her winter season with Cappella Mediterranea and a Cavalli project with Arpeggiata and Christina Pluhar in Seville.



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