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Special projects

February - October 2022

Saison croisée France - Portugal

Divino Sospiro,  touring around Avondano's oratorios and other Portuguese composers (Almeida, Carvalho, Seixas, De Sousa, ...), in cooperation with Arsenal of Metz, Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles, Parque da Sintra, Centre Estudos Musicais do Setecento,  Saison lyonnaise Hostel Dieu, Festival St Michel en Thierache, Philharmonie de Luxembourg, Philharmonie de Paris,... avec le soutien de l'Institut Français et les Commissaires Européens de la Saison France-Portugal. 


New project - 2022

Stigie Larve

The mixed vocal and instrumental programme "Stigie Larve" includes contralto arias by Handel, Gluck, Vivaldi and instrumental pieces by Buxtehude, Bach, Scarlatti, Ambrosini, Nisinman, Piazzolla. 


Performers : Marcello Nisinman (bandoneon, composer and arranger), Candida Guida (contralto), Alberto Mesirca (guitar) and Winfried Holzenkamp (double bass).


The programme is a meeting of four artists and a reflection on a combination of genres and styles ranging from Bach to Piazzolla through the artistic filter of the transcription by the great composer and bandoneonist Marcelo Nisinman and his partners.

marcelo, alberto, winfried (1).JPG
Marcelo Nisinman

Maria de Buenos Aires

Opéra de Limoges - 2018

Maria de Buenos Aires,the well known "tango operita" by Astor Piazzolla,  on the dreamlike poetry of Horacio Ferrer is performed for the first time on the stage of the Limoges Opera in 2018.  Through the tragic fate of a Maria who dies and reborns, the show evokes the life and the passions of the city and the soul of tango.

Marcelo Nisinman - Direction and bandoneon

Luciana Mancini - Maria 

Daniel Bonilla-Torres - El Duende/Narrator

Ruben Peloni - Cantor

Sergio Simon - Stage director

Luciana Mancini

Luciana Mancini

Marcelo Nisinman



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