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Maria Rosa Vigouroux Cusmà
Maria Rosa Vigouroux Cusmà

Panta Rei Music was established in 2015 to assist and promote musicians, singers, ensembles, orchestras and choirs throughout their artistic careers.


With an international outlook, the agency represents artists from different backgrounds, education and repertoires.


Born in Italy, its founder Maria Rosa Vigouroux Cusmà studied music education at the University of Musicology of Cremona. Whilst at university she specialised in the musical repertoires of the seventeenth century, and was simultaneously studying Violin in Milan, deepening her knowledge of the great classical romantics and modern symphonic repertoires.

After completing her university studies, she continued her musical studies and has completed a Master in Management of the Cultural Industries (today MECIC-Paris) and a D.E.A. of Musicology centred around the Parisian years of Giuseppe Verdi.


In 1996 she settled permanently in Paris.


Since then, Maria Rosa has diversified her business operations providing new professional experiences in the performing arts to various artistic agencies, symphonic orchestras, Baroque ensembles as well as classical or world music producers as an administrator or manager.


Over the past fifteen years Maria Rosa has managed touring orchestras throughout Europe and also chamber choirs tours of the great northern European choral tradition. Baltic, Russian and Central American, these tours have successfully led to their discovery in major festivals, theatres and musical seasons.


These experiences have given her a wide and varied vision of the world of music and of its actors, allowing a greater versatility and an ability to listen and analyze different needs and challenges of a constantly changing market.


Today, as the director of Panta Rei Music, Maria Rosa is actively promoting, with great conviction, the motivation and talents of the artists she represents. She collaborates with the principal opera houses and venues in Europe, or festivals, paying special attention both to young emerging singers and established soloists, as well as to chamber orchestras and specialized ensembles. PRM also takes on an advisory role helping artists to develop their repertoires and guide them in their career.


PRM also offers major productions centred around baroque opera or the world music of a variety of countries.


The agency collaborates with other artistic agencies partners in Europe, in a spirit of cooperation and reciprocity. 

Silvia Massinelli
Silvia Massinelli
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Panta Rei Music

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95 380 Louvres


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